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Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Australia Day!!!

Happy Australia Day Everyone!!!

Today being Australia day I thought that I'd write my list of what I love about Australia. Having lived here since I was 12 and turning 13 the following month of our arrival, hence being here for 13 years I've got to say that despite the fact that I've loved other countries I couldn't imagine choosing to live elsewhere.

What I love about Australia:-
- I love how it's so multi-cultured
- I love how the Universities have HECS which for those that don't live in Oz is a system that allows people to "borrow" in effect a loan from the Government to be able to study the degree of their choice, and it doesn't have to be paid till your making $30,000 per annum
- Medicare system, despite people constantly complaining about it, I've found that the Health Care system in Australia is quite good
- Centrelink system which is good for those unemployed or those unable to work due to children, disabilities etc
- Our Educational system, our Public Schools are quite good and we pretty much don't have to spend money as text books are provided etc.

I think in general Australia is quite a lucky country and I think that we take it for granted at times but I for one am very happy that  I live here.



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